class, path)[source]#

Bases: DataStore

Serve data downloaded from a remote source without integrity check.

  • base_url (str) – URL to the online storage location.

  • path (path-like) – Path to the local cache location.


path (Path) – Path to the local cache location.

fetch(filename, downloader=None)[source]#

Fetch a file from the data store. This method wraps pooch.retrieve() and automatically selects compressed files when they are available.

  • filename (path-like) – File name to fetch from the local storage, relative to the storage root.

  • downloader (callable(), optional) – A callable that will be called to download a given URL to a provided local file name. This is mostly useful to display progress bars during download.


path (Path) – Absolute path where the retrieved resource is located.


If a compressed resource exists, it will be served automatically. For instance, if "" is requested and "" is registered, the latter will be downloaded, decompressed and served as "".


Purge local storage location. The default behaviour is very aggressive and will wipe out the entire directory contents.


keep (str or list of str, optional) – A list of exclusion rules (paths relative to the store’s local storage root, shell wildcards allowed) defining files which should be excluded from the purge process.


This is a destructive operation, make sure you know what you’re doing!


Returns an empty list (this data store has no registry).

property base_url#

Address of the remote storage location.



property registry#

Raises NotImplementedError (this data store has no registry).