Contents, spp=0, seed_state=None)[source]#

Run an Eradiate experiment. This function performs kernel scene assembly, runs the computation and post-processes the raw results. The output consists of one or several xarray datasets.

  • exp (Experiment) – Reference to the experiment object which will be processed.

  • spp (int, optional, default: 0) – Optional parameter to override the number of samples per pixel for all computed measures. If set to 0, the configured value for each measure takes precedence.

  • seed_state (SeedState, optional) – Seed state used to generate seeds to initialize Mitsuba’s RNG at every iteration of the parametric loop. If unset, Eradiate’s root seed state is used.


Dataset or dict[str, Dataset] – If a single measure is defined, a single xarray dataset is returned. If several measures are defined, a dictionary mapping measure IDs to the corresponding result dataset is returned.