eradiate.kernel.mi_render(mi_scene, ctxs, sensors=None, spp=0, seed_state=None)[source]#

Render a Mitsuba scene multiple times given specified contexts and sensor indices.

  • mi_scene (MitsubaObjectWrapper) – Mitsuba scene to render.

  • ctxs (list of KernelContext) – List of contexts used to generate the parameter update table at each iteration.

  • sensors (int or list of int, optional) – Sensor indices to render. If None (default), all sensors are rendered.

  • spp (int, optional, default: 0) – Number of samples per pixel. If set to 0 (default), the value set in the original scene definition takes precedence.

  • seed_state (SeedState, optional) – Seed state used to generate seeds to initialize Mitsuba’s RNG at each run. If unset, Eradiate’s root seed state is used.


dict – A nested dictionary mapping context and sensor indices to rendered bitmaps.


This function wraps sequential calls to mitsuba.render().