class eradiate.pipelines.GatherMono(var='img')[source]#

Bases: PipelineStep

Gather raw kernel results (output as nested dictionaries) into an xarray dataset.

This pipeline step takes a nested dictionary produced by the parametric loop of an Experiment and repackages it as a Dataset. The top-level spectral index is mapped to mode-dependent spectral coordinates. Film dimensions are left unmodified and retain their metadata.

An img variable holds sensor values. An spp variable holds the sample count.


var (str or tuple[str, dict], optional, default: "img") – Name of the variable containing sensor data. Optionally, a (name, metadata) pair can be passed.


var (str or tuple[str, dict]) – Name of the variable containing sensor data.


Apply the pipeline step to a given data.


x – Data to process.


xt – Processed data.