class eradiate.scenes.biosphere.MeshTree(id='mesh_tree', mesh_tree_elements=_Nothing.NOTHING)[source]#

Bases: Tree

A container class for mesh based tree-like objects in canopies.

It holds one or more triangulated meshes and corresponding BSDFs, representing the tree.

The mesh will be interpreted in local coordinates and should be used in an InstancedCanopyElement to place at arbitrary positions in a scene.

  • id (str, optional, default: "mesh_tree") – Identifier of the current scene element.

  • mesh_tree_elements (list of (.InstancedCanopyElement | dict), default: []) – List of CanopyElement defining the canopy. Can be initialised with a InstancedCanopyElement, which will be automatically wrapped into a list. Dictionary-based specifications are allowed as well.


Traverse this scene element and collect kernel dictionary template and parameter update map contributions.


callback (SceneTraversal) – Callback data structure storing the collected data.


Enforce internal state consistency. This method should be called when fields are modified. It is automatically called as a post-init step.

property objects#

Map of child objects associated with this scene element.


dict – A dictionary mapping object names to a corresponding object to be inserted in the Eradiate scene graph.

property params#

dict[str, UpdateParameter] or None – A dictionary mapping parameter paths, consisting of dot-separated strings, to a corresponding update protocol.

property template#

Kernel dictionary template contents associated with this scene element.


dict – A flat dictionary mapping dot-separated strings describing the path of an item in the nested scene dictionary to values. Values may be objects which can be directly used by the mitsuba.load_dict() function, or InitParameter instances which must be rendered.