eradiate.thermoprops.us76.velocity_term_hump(z, q1, q2, u1, u2, w1, w2)[source]#

Computes the transport term given by equation (37) in [NASA et al., 1976].

  • z (float or array-like) – Altitude [km].

  • q1 (float) – Value of the Q constant [km^-3].

  • q2 (float) – Value of the q constant [km^-3].

  • u1 (float) – Value of the U constant [km].

  • u2 (floa) – Value of the u constant [km].

  • w1 (floa) – Value of the W constant [km^-3].

  • w2 (floa) – Value of the w constant [km^-3].


float or array-like – Values of the transport term [km^-1].


Valid in the altitude region: 86 km <= z <= 150 km