eradiate.xarray.interp.film_to_angular(da, theta, phi, x_label='x', y_label='y', theta_label='theta', phi_label='phi', azimuth_convention=None)[source]#

Interpolate a hemispherical film data array on an angular grid.

  • da (DataArray) – Data array with film coordinate pixels to interpolate on an angular grid.

  • theta (array-like) – List of zenith angle values.

  • phi (array-like) – List of azimuth angle values.

  • x_label (str, default: "x") – Label for the width pixel coordinate.

  • y_label (str, default: "y") – Label for the height pixel coordinate.

  • theta_label (str, default: "theta") – Label for the zenith angle coordinate.

  • phi_label (str, default: "phi") – Label for the azimuth angle coordinate.

  • azimuth_convention (AzimuthConvention or str, optional) – Azimuth convention used in the produced data array. If unset the default active convention is used.


DataArray – Data array interpolated on the specified angular grid.