Atmosphere: thermophysical properties#

An atmospheric thermophysical property data set provides the spatial variation of air pressure, air temperature, air number density and individual species volume mixing ratios.

Data access#

All atmospheric thermophysical property data sets sets required by Eradiate are managed the data store (see Introduction for details).

Identifier format#

Identifiers for thermophysical property data sets are constructed based on the format {author}_{year}-{title} where:

  • author specifies the author of the data set,

  • year stands for the year in which the data set was published,

  • title is the data set title.


Atmospheric thermophysical property data sets include four data variables:

  • air pressure (p),

  • air temperature (t),

  • air number density (n),

  • individual species volume mixing ratios (mr),

two dimension coordinates:

  • layer altitude (z_layer),

  • individual species (species),

and one non-dimension coordinate:

  • level altitude (z_level).

Data variables p, t and n are tabulated against z_layer. Data variable mr is tabulated against species and z_layer.