Particle radiative properties#

A particle radiative property data set provides collision coefficients and scattering phase matrix data for the given particle type.

Data access#

Particle radiative propery data sets required by Eradiate are managed the data store (see Introduction for details).


The data set must include the following data variables:

  • sigma_t (w): volume extinction coefficient [length^-1]

  • albedo (w): single-scattering albedo [dimensionless]

  • phase (w, mu, i, j): scattering phase matrix [steradian^-1]

(dimensions in brackets) and the following dimension coordinates:

  • w: radiation wavelength [length]

  • mu: scattering angle cosine [dimensionless]

  • i: scattering phase matrix row index (integer)

  • j: scattering phase matrix column index (integer)