Spectral response function

Spectral response function#

A spectral response function data set provide the spectral response of a given instrument on a specific platform and in a specific spectral band.

Data access#

All spectral response function data sets required by Eradiate are managed the data store (see Introduction for details).

Identifier format#

Identifiers for spectral response function are built according to the format {platform}-{instrument}-{band}.nc where:

  • platform identifies the platform (e.g. satellite’s name),

  • instrument identifies the instrument onboard the platform,

  • band specifies the spectral band of the instrument that is being characterised.

For example, the spectral response function data set of the SLSTR instrument onboard Sentinel-3B and in the spectral band number 5 has the identifier sentinel_3b-slstr-5.


Spectral response function data sets include two data variables:

  • the instrument’s spectral response function (srf),

  • the uncertainties on the srf data (srf_u),

and one dimension coordinate:

  • the wavelength (w).

Both data variables (srf and srf_u) are tabulated against the wavelength.

The following additional data set attributes are provided:

  • platform: platform identifier (e.g. sentinel_3b),

  • instrument: instrument identifier (e.g. slstr),

  • band: spectral band number (e.g. 5).