eradiate.radprops.rayleigh.air_refractive_index(wavelength=<Quantity(550.0, 'nanometer')>, number_density=<Quantity(2.54691649e+34, '1 / kilometer ** 3')>)[source]#

Computes the air refractive index.

The wavelength dependence of the refractive index is computed using equation 2 from [Peck and Reeder, 1972]. This formula is a fit of measurements of the air refractive index in the range of wavelength from \(\lambda = 240\) nm to \(1690\) nm. The number density dependence is computed using a simple proportionality rule.

  • wavelength (quantity) – Wavelength.

  • number_density (quantity) – Number density.

    Default: Air number density at 101325 Pa and 288.15 K.


float or ndarray – Air refractive index value(s).