v0.24.x series#

v0.24.0 (7th August 2023)#

Release highlights:

  • This is mainly a fix release. Thanks to our users for raising issues!

  • An experimental interface to mesh-based preset canopies is added. The currently distributed data is limited to the Wellington Citrus Orchard scene; it will be expanded in the coming releases.


  • ⚠️ Added data files and APIs for the Wellington Citrus Orchard scene (PR327). This is an experimental feature, use with caution and report issues.



  • Added missing lookup strategy for participating medium parameters of the HomogeneousAtmosphere (PR352).

  • Fixed a bug where the kernel dictionary emitted by the MQDiffuseBSDF wrapper would miss a data point on the azimuth dimension (PR353).

  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect flag field init type would raise a TypeError on Python 3.11 (PR358).

  • Fixed a bug where the init context could fall out of the range covered by the loaded spectral dataset (PR360).

v0.24.1 (30th August 2023)#

Yanked release.

v0.24.2 (31st August 2023)#

This is a fix release.


  • Set default units of the *SpectralIndex.w field to ucc['wavelength'] (PR362).

  • Fixed pinned dependency versions for the PyPI wheel (PR364).

  • Fixed circular imports in the scenes.biosphere subpackage (5f6284).

v0.24.3 (18th September 2023)#

This is a fix release. It ensures compatibility with current xarray versions (v2023.8 and later).


  • Fixed download list path in the data module CLI (PR368).

  • Added missing dependency importlib-resources to requirement list (PR368).

  • Fixed xarray usage in AFGL1986RadProfile.eval_sigma_a_ckd() to allow usage with recent xarray version (2023.8 and later) (PR368).

v0.24.4 (11th October 2023)#

This is a minor feature release. Adds an option to set a timeout to radiometric kernel runs and fixes a few bugs.



  • The eradiate show command-line diagnostic tool now reports on dependency versions.