Windows support is currently experimental. Please report issues on our issue tracker.

Eradiate is delivered through PyPI and can be installed using the pip. This is the recommended way to install Eradiate.

pip install eradiate

This will install the latest stable version of Eradiate, along with all the dependencies necessary to run it. If you want to install the latest development version, please refer to the Development installation.


Eradiate uses a modified version of the Mitsuba 3 renderer, distributed on PyPI as the eradiate-mitsuba. That package conflicts with the mitsuba package distributed by the Mitsuba team and both cannot be installed together.

The eradiate PyPI package lists eradiate-mitsuba as a dependency. A normal usage pattern should result in the correct flavour of Mitsuba being installed automatically. However, if you are installing Eradiate to an environment already containing a Mitsuba installation, be sure to remove it before installing Eradiate.