eradiate.scenes.biosphere.wellington_citrus_orchard(padding=0, properties='rami')[source]#

Generate a base experiment dictionary based on the Wellington Citrus Orchard scene from the RAMI benchmark series.

  • padding (int, optional, default: 0) – Amount of padding applied to the generated canopy.

  • properties ({"rami", "hyperspectral"}, optional, default: "rami") – If set to "rami", the radiative properties used for the RAMI benchmark series is used. If set to "hyperspectral", leaf and soil reflectance are replaced with spectral datasets.


dict – A dictionary suitable for keyword argument specification for the CanopyExperiment and CanopyAtmosphereExperiment constructors. It contains the surface and canopy specifications.


  • This is an experimental feature, please use with caution and report issues.

  • The underlying data is sourced from the scene file archived distributed by the DART team and post-processed to accommodate Eradiate-specific frame conventions and formats. We do not recommend using it to run RAMI benchmark cases.