Release notes

Release notes#


For now, Eradiate uses a ZeroVer versioning scheme. It reflects the relative instability of our API: breaking changes may happen at any time. We plan to switch to a versioning scheme more similar to SemVer in the future.

Updates are tracked in this change log. Every time you decide to update to a newer version, we recommend that you to go through the list of changes. We try hard to remain backward-compatible and warn in advance for deprecation when necessary—we also advise to not ignore DeprecationWarnings.

Emoji marks have the following meaning:

  • ⚠️ Requires particular attention during upgrade or usage (breaking change or experimental feature).

  • 📖 Documentation-related change.

  • 🖥️ This is a developer-facing change.

This is the list of changes to Eradiate between each release. For the full change log, see the commit logs.