Source code for eradiate.scenes.phase._hg

from __future__ import annotations

import attrs

from ._core import PhaseFunction
from ..spectra import Spectrum, spectrum_factory
from ... import validators
from ...attrs import documented, parse_docs
from ...kernel import InitParameter, UpdateParameter

[docs] @parse_docs @attrs.define(eq=False, slots=False) class HenyeyGreensteinPhaseFunction(PhaseFunction): """ Henyey-Greenstein phase function [``hg``]. The Henyey-Greenstein phase function :cite:`Henyey1941Diffuse` models scattering in an isotropic medium. The scattering pattern is controlled by its :math:`g` parameter, which is equal to the phase function's asymmetry parameter (the mean cosine of the scattering angle): a positive (resp. negative) value corresponds to predominant forward (resp. backward) scattering. """ g: Spectrum = documented( attrs.field( default=0.0, converter=spectrum_factory.converter("dimensionless"), validator=[ attrs.validators.instance_of(Spectrum), validators.has_quantity("dimensionless"), ], ), doc="Asymmetry parameter. Must be dimensionless. " "Must be in :math:`]-1, 1[`.", type=":class:`.Spectrum`", init_type=":class:`.Spectrum` or dict or float, optional", default="0.0", ) @property def template(self) -> dict: return { "type": "hg", "g": InitParameter(lambda ctx: float(self.g.eval(, } @property def params(self) -> dict[str, UpdateParameter]: return { "g": UpdateParameter( lambda ctx: float(self.g.eval(, UpdateParameter.Flags.SPECTRAL, ) }