Source code for eradiate.scenes.shapes._filemesh

from __future__ import annotations

from pathlib import Path

import attrs

from ._core import ShapeNode
from ..core import BoundingBox
from ...attrs import documented, parse_docs

[docs]@parse_docs @attrs.define(eq=False, slots=False) class FileMeshShape(ShapeNode): """ File based mesh shape [``file_mesh``]. This shape represents a triangulated mesh defined in a file. The OBJ and PLY formats are supported. Warnings -------- Vertex coordinates are assumed to be defined in kernel units. """ filename: Path = documented( attrs.field(converter=Path, kw_only=True), type="Path", init_type="path-like", doc="Path to the mesh file.", ) @filename.validator def _filename_validator(self, attribute, value): if value.suffix not in {".obj", ".ply"}: raise ValueError( f"while validating {}:" f"Eradiate supports mesh files only in PLY or OBJ format." )
[docs] def bbox(self) -> BoundingBox: # Inherit docstring raise NotImplementedError
@property def template(self) -> dict: # Inherit docstring if self.filename.suffix == ".obj": mi_plugin = "obj" elif self.filename.suffix == ".ply": mi_plugin = "ply" else: raise ValueError( f"unsupported mesh file extension '{self.filename.suffix}'" ) return { "type": mi_plugin, "filename": str(self.filename), "face_normals": True, }